MORI TOWN(shopping mall)

A shopping mall with 140 shops, including amusement centers and restaurants


Golf Course

Showa-no-Mori Golf Course
TEL 042-543-1271/FAX 042-545-0800
Showa-no-Mori Driving Range
TEL 042-543-5555

Showa-no-Mori Golf Academy
TEL 042-543-5530


Showa-no-Mori tennis court

The pleasant sounds of bouncing balls and laughter can be heard through the trees Showa-no-Mori Tennis Club, brimming with light and luxurious greenery - a place dedicated to those who know what true leisure means Enjoy relaxing with your loved ones in clear fresh air

Showa-no-Mori Tennis Club
TEL 042-543-2103 FAX 042-549-7970

Showa-no-Mori Tennis School
TEL 042-546-3055/FAX 042-549-7970


Showa Kinen Park

The spacious premises feature beautiful views of flowers and greenery.
For your summertime enjoyment, the extensive guest facilities also include a barbecue garden and a Rainbow swimming pool.
In the Christmas season, the hotel is decorated with special Christmas lights.

3173 Midori-cho Tachikawa City Tokyo 190-8558
TEL 042-528-1751